Large Bahama Conch Shell Horn (Pink) - 7-9 inch

  • Premium Quality Large 7"- 9" Conch Shell HORN. Laser-cut for a smooth end to blow through. Also note that all conch shells sold legally must have a hole where the conch was removed. For use as a horn, the hole has been patched as shown in the pictures.
  • Beautiful Pink and orange tones inside the shell
  • Cleaned, Sanded and Polished for a beautiful finish!
  • AMAZING UNIQUE SOUND - Each shell has a unique sound. It's easy to just blow into the laser-cut hole and call everyone to dinner! Try to pucker your lips and buzz/vibrate them like playing a trumpet.
  • NO CRACKS, CHIPS, SMASHED OR BROKEN SHELLS! 30-DAY NO-HASSLE MONEY BACK! NOTE: ALL conch shells sold in the USA will have a harvest hole where the conch has been legally removed. For use as a horn, we have patched the harvest hole as shown in the pictures. Bubblewrapped and packed in Nautical Beach Decor branded bag. Then individually boxed to have NO CHIPS or CRACKS!