Wrestling Headgear - Adjustable Ear Guard - Original 4 Strap

  • PROTECTION - Our premium 4-strap wrestling headgear will protect your ears during wrestling, BJJ, MMA, or grappling.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENTS - 5 points of adjustment. The original 4-strap plus chin strap design allows easy adjustments for maximum protection and comfort. The easiest way to adjust this style of headgear is to bend back the foam to get easier access to the straps. Lots of videos online.
  • ULTRASOFT FOAM - Our ultrasoft foam is designed for comfort. Perfectly sized straps help keep your ear guards in place while you wrestle or grapple.
  • VERSATILE - Use as wrestling headgear, BJJ headgear, Grappling Headgear for maximum ear protection.
  • AMERICAN COMPANY - Our company is based in Florida and we do not use any Chinese components in our wrestling headgear.
  • GREAT HEARING - With the traditional 4 holes, you will hear your coach perfectly from any angle.